Here at Clark Fiberglass we value classic and rare wooden boats. We can fiberglass the hull, top side, decking, engine box, dual station, hatches and just about anything on your wood boat making it safe & sound without changing the boats classic lines. We can replace the damaged wood whether it be functional or decorative. We also provide many other restoration services such as wiring, windows, ceilings, engine re-powering (either diesel or gasoline)

 Please review the general steps below that it takes to perform a full restoration.The pictures provide a good idea what is taking place in each major step through the process

First the boat is removed of all paint and inspected for rotten wood

The boat is then left to dry out

Any damaged wood is cut out and replaced as the first step to preparing for the fiberglassing process.

All hulls are glassed with epoxy resins and fiberglass cloths

This boat's hull is completely fiberglassed and we are now working on the  cabin.

The hull and cabin are being faired smooth for a yacht grade finish this is the most labor intensive part

The outer cabin has been painted with a bright white paint and then a coat of non skid is sprayed onto the critical walk areas.
The hull has been painted fighting lady yellow from the rub rail down to the water line where bottom paint will be applied.
The final steps are taken to install all of the railing, radar arch, electronics, ceiling and interior finishing touches.
Front view of the completely restored Southpaw charter boat in the spring of 2010
Rear view of the completely restored 36ft Robbins charter boat Southpaw in the Spring of 2010.